Working with Activities

Activities to perform

You can find activities to perform in the My To-Do view in the Views tab. The list contains activities assigned, directly or indirectly through a group or role, to you. Only activities that have no active dependencies are included in the My To-Do view. You may also find activities in other places, like the All To-Do view, in the Plan tab or in the Overview tab.

The clock_run.png icon next to an activity in the Plan tab indicates that it is time to work on the activity. The activity has been assigned and there are no active dependencies.

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Starting to work with an activity

When you are about to start working with an activity update the Status to In progress. Updating the Work done field will automatically start an activity.

Completing an activity

When you are done with an activity, change the Status to Completed and update the Work done field. The Work remaining field will automatically be set to zero.

Using the timer

Use the timer to automatically count time spent on the activity you are currently working on.


Start the timer on the selected activity. Work done will be increased by one every minute. Work remaining will be decreased by one every minute until the value reaches zero.


Stops the timer.


Displays if the timer is active or not. Shows the active activity if the timer is on.