Swifting Team

Swifting was founded in 2009 by a team of IT and business professionals who have participated and managed many different business, development and change management projects during their professional carrier. However the very first idea was born already in 2000.

The Swifting team has different backgrounds and has been working in various businesses such as banking and investment, manufacturing companies, life sciences, logistics, software development and consulting but we all share the same goal – to provide a service that will help people to collaborate in an easy, fun and social way.

Many of the ideas behind Swifting have evolved from our own frustration and drive to make it easier to work together and to have control over progress and changes at the same time. We have all worked in different positions and at companies of different sizes, but always with the need to coordinate work in a group of people, often with tight deadlines, budgets and a constantly changing environment.

Our passion is cloud-based software that is powerful and yet very easy to use. We hope that Swifting will fit you and your business in any kind of projects or other teamwork.

Our team is based in Sweden and in United Kingdom. Development is done in Sweden, while marketing, branding and IT-infrastructure are located in the UK.