Purpose of the Plan tab

The Plan tab is the place where you create activities and make the plans for your projects. The main elements of the Plan tab are; the Activity tree and the Gantt chart.

The Activity tree contains activities visible to the current user. There are many types of activities, for example:

  • Task
  • Project
  • Iteration
  • Milestone
  • Issue
  • Risk
  • Requirement
  • User Story

An activity has an icon that indicates the type and status of it. Red colour indicates that the activity is not yet started. The yellow colour says that the activity is in progress and the green colour indicates the status completed.

The Gantt chart to the right of the Activity tree gives you a view of the activities on a timeline.

Working with the Plan tab

Setting up a new project
Managing the Activity tree
Managing the Gantt chart
Creating a baseline
Automatically replanning a project
Estimating activities
Working with activities
Importing and exporting files