On the Settings tab you can view and/or manage the following information:

Google Docs account

Enter email and password for the Google Docs account that you would like to associate with your Swifting user. Click the Save button to save your entries.

Launguage settings

Select the preferred date format and decimal separator. Click the Save button to save your entries.


Use the Hide completed activities option to hide completed activities. Use, for example, the option After 5 days to hide all activities that have been completed for five days or longer. Click the Save button to save your entries.

User settings

Basic information

Click on the Edit button to change:

  • Name
  • Email - also used when logging in to the Swifting domain.
  • Type - can only be changed by an Administrator.
  • Cost - cost per unit of work
  • Job title
  • Description

Work schedule

Click on the Edit work schedule button to edit how many hours that you work per day and are available for the project.


Click on the Change photo button to upload a new photo of you.


Click on the Change password button to change your password to the Swifting domain.