Inviting other users

When you want somebody to collaborate with you in Swifting and he/she is not allready a Swifting user belonging to the same Swifting account as you he/she needs to join your Swifting account.

To join a Swifting account a user needs to be invitade by the Swifting account administrator. Note that it is only a person with Swifting account administrator rights that can invite other users.

Invite others like this:

  1. Log in to Swifting
  2. Go to Resources tab
  3. Click on the New icon and select user???
  4. Fill in user name = email address
  5. Set access rights? (normal user, read only or Swifting account administrator)
  6. Click Invite??
  7. An email with activation link will now be sent to the new user. When he follows that link he can then log in to Swifting and update his user information.