Term Description
Activity An activity that needs to be completed.
Activity type All activities are of a certain type. For example: Project, Issue, Task, Defect, or Change Request
Filter An expression that filters out a number of activities.
View A view displays the tree of tasks from a perspective. A view may contain a filter (including project) and other view settings.
View type All views are of a certain type. For example: Report, Pie chart, Bar chart, or Area chart
Resource A User, Role or a Group.
Dependency A constraint that activities should be completed in a certain order. Swifting only support finish to start relations. See Wikipedia
Active dependency A dependency that is still not fulfilled.
Domain A Swifting Domain is a working area for one company or organization.
Subscription One subscription per Domain needs to be active in order to be able to add new activities. A subscription limits the number of users in a Domain.