Burndown Chart

The Burndown chart displays the amount of completed work over time. The relative amount of work is determined by the Size field. The chart uses the Size, End date and Status fields on an activity. The chart will scale automatically based on the estimated completed date. You may only set the Size on Requirement, Milestone or User story activities.

The chart displays:

  • Actual Burndown - Cumulated burndown of completed activities (remaining Size).
  • Estimated Burndown - Displays the estimated completed date of all activities in the chart based on the Daily Velocity.
  • Daily Velocity - Amount of work (Size) completed per day in average (including non-working days).
  • Completed - Completed work (Size) per time period.

How to create a Burndown chart

Follow the steps below to create a new Burndown chart.

  1. Create a new View by clicking the New view button in the Views tab. Enter a name for the new View.
  2. Hide all activities that do not have a size by creating a filter. Click the Edit filter button and set Activity type to Requirement, Milestone or User story before pressing Apply followed by Close.
  3. Click the Select view type button and select Burndown chart.

View a movie about How to use the Burndown chart.