Automatic Replanning

The Replan function is the most powerful feature in Swifting and makes planning a project a lot easier. This feature makes it possible to keep the project plan up to date at all times without effort. Use the Replan function in Swifting to automatically make an optimal project plan based on:

  • Work remaining
  • assigned resources
  • Priority
  • Due date
  • dependencies and sequence
  • locked dates on activities (locked dates are not replanned by Swifitng)

What does the Replan function do?

Swifting will calculate the start and end dates of all activities assuming that users assigned to the activities works according to their weekly work schedule. High priority activities will be performed first and dependencies might delay activities. An activity with a Due date will be performed before another activity with no (or a larger) Due date. Locked start and/or end dates will not be modified by the Replan calculation. Read more about Resource leveling.

Note that even recurrent activities will be calculated correctly but that the repeated activities will not be visible in the Activity tree or Gantt chart since they are not yet created.

When should you Replan?

Use the Replan function after making some changes in the Activity tree that might affect the time plan, for example after updating Work remaining. Or simply when you would like to view the actual plan in the Gantt chart.

Replanning a Project

Follow the steps below:

  1. Select the project that you would like to replan in the Activity tree.
  2. Click on the Replan button.
  3. Confirm with Yes.
  4. All activities in the selected project will be updated with new start and end dates.

View a video about: How to set dependencies and replan