The Account tab is only visible to the creator of the Domain and displays information about your current subscription. A 30-day trial subscription is created with a new Domain. You need to purchase a subscription before the end of your trial period to be able to continue creating activities.

Subscription information

A subscription has a start date and a limitation of the maximum numbers of users in your Domain. A trial subscription will also have an end date. New activities may not be created after the end date.

Purchase a subscription

Click the Subscribe button in the Account tab to purchase a new subscription. Your credit card will be charged monthly when you have an active subscription.

Make sure that you have unsubscribed to any existing subscription before the purchase of a new subscription!

Cancel subscription

Cancel a subscription by clicking the Unsubscribe button in the Account tab. A Domain without an active subscription will be removed after three months.

Modify a Subscription

Follow the steps below to modify the amount of users in your Subscription:

  1. Cancel your current Subscription.
  2. Purchase a new Subscription.