About Swifting

A swifter way to work

Project managers can easily plan and re-plan the project and have a perfect overview of the progress at any time.

Team members know what to do and when to do it. All users can easily interact with other team members and access all project documents in one place.

Members of the management team have total visibility of project portfolio status and progress.

This new and easy to use online tool ensures everyone knows what to do and when to do it.


Swifting is a new way to drive, plan and collaborate for companies, groups and organizations. It can be used for both task oriented- as well as project-oriented work.

Swifting makes it easy to start working together quickly and will scale to handle really large assignments. It automatically supports individual project members with task information and reminders, as required. Everyone is part of the flow of information and can follow progress and communicate.

As a cloud based application, it not only ensures quick and hassle-free adoption by any team, but also upgrades, backups and security is all taken care of without the need for additional IT support within your company.

Swifting has been developed in Sweden by an experienced team passionate to change the way groups work together, share ideas and remain focused and productive.


Swifting can help any group that needs to co-ordinate and collaborate on projects. It could be a small business or a team within a large company. Since it can be used immediately and it requires virtually no training at all, it is ideal for new project management users and for collaboration between different parties.

Swifting’s robust functions are also tough enough to support the advanced user looking for a more efficient way to manage projects or other assignments.

Swifting is not just for project management, it works equally well for line-of-business work in for example Shared Services Canters or service organizations.


Swifting is intuitive and creates engagement within a team. Even though it is lightweight, it gives excellent control over the progress and ability to quickly act on urgent issues. Constant re-planning is built in to the product and makes it easy to mix traditional project management and agile approaches. Projects are divided into tasks and progress is shown each time a task is completed.

Swifting makes it possible to have everything in one place, both content and plans, we believe that the future is cloud-based services, so we will offer integration with other major cloud-platforms, starting with Google Apps, others will follow.

Initial investment is very low, with a small fee per user, the service can be scaled up as needs increases.


We believe in simplicity, usability and intuitive ways of working. This has been our motto when designing Swifting. The best features are those that are so natural that you don’t even know they exists, it just works.

Some of the features you will find in Swifting are:

Planning features: Swifting allows the users to handle changes as they come; we support either activity-oriented planning (think of it as an advanced, shared to-do list) or a Gantt-mode planning style, or a combination of both. Swifting will always keep everything synchronized. The best planning feature is probably to skip planning at all, as Swifting can automatically create your plans, based on the constraints, resources and any previous work already completed.

It is easy to design plans to show exactly the information needed. And if different information is needed – just create a new view of the plan. It is possible to have as many views as needed. Swifting has the information – the user is in complete control of what to see and how to share it with other people.

Content Management features: Our service allows users to have everything in one place, both content and plans, we believe that the future is cloud-based services, so we will offer integration with other major cloud-platforms, starting with Google Apps, others will follow.

Collaboration features: Swifting has been developed specifically as a Web 2.0 application. This means that collaboration is a natural part of all Swifting components. Users can easily share comments on activities, plans, documents or anything else for that matter. We have made it easy to follow the flow of information and keep track of communication which relates to specific parts of the project. A blog is built in and integrated in Swifting. Once you start to collaborate like this, you will not want anything else. We currently support integration with Twitter, others will follow.

Reporting features: Project reports, progress reports and economic reports are necessary in most project work, but do not add value to the project itself. That is why we have made the reporting quick and easy to use with powerful reporting options seamlessly integrated. The project manager has full control and has the power to manage the impact of changes that happen during a project.

Other features: Other features worth mentioning are the resource management, personal overviews, email progress reports, Microsoft Office integration and on-line training tools.